01. Our advertising campaign will exploit the various [media], including television, radio, newspapers, billboards and the Internet.
02. The government has firm control of the [media], so it is difficult to know what is really happening in that country.
03. She likes to mix different [media], such as paint, plastic and sound in her art works.
04. The [media] coverage of the Olympics was very extensive.
05. Social issues receive very little coverage in the right-wing [media].
06. Some people feel that coverage of violent crimes in the [media] often results in further crimes by those who wish to imitate what they see.
07. Children's interpretation of [media] content is molded by the opinions of parents, teachers, and friends.
08. Allen Ginsberg maintained that whoever controls the [media], the images, controls the culture.
09. She wants to get a job working in [media], preferably in film or television.
10. The President is planning to meet with the [media] this afternoon to discuss his government's response to the terrorist attacks.
11. The new president of the bicycling association has raised the organization's profile by getting lots of [media] coverage of cycling issues.
12. The [media] images of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were the most incredible thing I have ever seen.
13. The coronation of the King of Bhutan was witnessed by the international [media] for the first time in history in 1974.
14. We just downloaded a new [media] player on our home computer.
15. With a home computer, you can integrate many types of [media], and make them available to other computer users.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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